USI Services Group

Over a Century of Service

  • Facilities Management
  • Janitorial and Building Maintenance
  • Concierge Services
  • Landscaping and Snow Management

Primary Signature Services:


    Integrated Facility Management
    Turnkey Operations Management
    Energy Management Services
    Site Personnel
    Staffing Solutions
    Contract Housekeeping
    Concierge Services
    Residential Life Services
    Landscape and Design
    Snow & Ice Management


Facilities Management

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About USI Services Group

USI serves businesses and organizations nationwide, with large-scale capabilities and a personal service approach. Our loyal clients value the service USI provides and that even the most complex requirements are handled with professional quality. For some of our clients, the best fit is a full range of Integrated Facility Management, whereas others prefer or require a single line of service support.

USI Service Areas:

  • All Major Metropolitan Areas Including:
  • New York City
  • New Jersey
  • Philadephia
  • Boston
  • Maryland
  • Rhode Island
  • Connecticut
  • Washington D.C.
  • Florida
  • Puerto Rico

Satisfied Clients

Helping businesses since 1906

Founded in 1906 as a family business, USI is a premier provider of facility care services throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

USI Services Group has served us with top of the line service levels and personalized attention since 2001. USI's professional staff is second to none.
- Matthew Levenson, New York, NY

With a depth of industry experience and a workforce of thousands, USI provides professional grade facility care services for national and regional clients. USI's Service Portfolio includes national retail chains, shopping malls, major entertainment venues, office campuses, industrial complexes, as well as hospitality companies, pharmaceutical companies, and clients in many other industries.

USI's comprehensive line of building care services can be customized for each client's organization requirements, helping clients reach their business goals and Make Lives Better.

Why choose us?

Our clients consistently choose USI because they know they will receive top of the line service levels and personalized attention:

CLIENT FOCUS - Our clients and their needs always come first. This is the foundation of our business.

SUPERIOR SERVICE - At USI, service means striving to be the best. It is our core value and is reflected in all that we do. It means attention to detail at all times and responsiveness to client needs - current and future.

OUR PEOPLE - We know that in a service business such as ours, we can only deliver superior service if we have the best people. So although our organization has grown, we still select our people one by one.

INTEGRITY - For over 100 years, the belief that integrity goes hand in hand with superior service has guided our business transactions. It is evidenced in our loyalty to clients and concern for their businesses, as well as respect for our employees and concern for their goals. It has helped us earn the trust of clients in almost every business category.

RELATIONSHIPS - Through service and integrity, we've built a roster of long-term clients who rely on us to consistently deliver, day in and day out.

PROFESSIONALISM - We take pride in our company, our work, and our employees. We recruit people who understand and share our core values, then teach them to function as a team. We invest in their training, equipping them with the latest tools and technologies.